Monday, November 10, 2008

Iceman Aftermath

Well another one down and another season in the books. Wow, that flew by! This was my 9th Iceman in a row. I was pleased with 7th overall. I just didn't have the legs at the end going into the final piece of singletrack. The course was smooth and packed down which made it hard to break up. We had a group of 8 for most of the race. I took a few hard pulls and tried to make a few moves early which had me paying the price later once we crossed Williamsburg Rd. I got spit out the back, but somehow managed to claw my way back to the group. After that, it was survival mode to hang on for 7th. Overall, this is the funnest race for me all year. I've raced all over the country and I have to hand it Steve Brown. He's got the best event going in the country right now, hands down. And of course the Bells party is always a blast.

Now it's time to take a break from racing and relax before I start going to work on preperations for next year. Not sure what the plans are for Trek yet. I'd really like to stay with them for 09, but we'll see how it pans out. If anyone is looking to add a team member, feel free to contact me. I'm open to options. See you in the spring!


TP said...

Great race Mike!

TSB will need to see your race resume and a list of future goals prior to acceptance on the varsity squad!...LOL!

Paynful said...

I will try and "bring the Payn" next year! Although you'll have to tell me your secrets first!

Good finish! You need to study up on the those "Roadie Tactics"! LOL!!

cjsbike said...

We have an opening on the Bunker Hill Bikes squad!

Of course your race resume has to be good before consideration from the board of directors!

You finished well. You would probably be faster on a 29er instead of a 69er!

Great job on a successful season!