Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Addison Oaks Fall Classic

Addison Oaks is a very near and dear place to me. I got my first win there and it was also one of the first races I ever attempted in my sport level days. My wife and I also got married there! Entering the park and driving through the old weeping willows is so cool. So much work has gone into this trail in the past few years. They have done an exceptional job with the course.

I had been training pretty hard the past few weeks, so I wasn't real sure how the legs were going to feel. Joe Brzuchanski took the hole shot like he was shot out of a cannon, and I remember thinking, "this is way too fast for me today." Joe ended up with some mechanical troubles which left the pace making up to Christian and me and Kyle Stang followed. We were absolutely flying through that course and soon Christian and I were alone. Chrisitan never let up on the pace the entire race. He upped the pace at the end of the last lap and I was cooked by the time we got to line. He won the sprint and I ended up 2nd on the day. I felt pretty good about the result considering where I was in my training. No mechanicals, no crashes, and no mis-haps of any kind. In the end it was a good race.

I had a great time hanging out with Fraser Bikes guys after the race! Thanks for the beverages and brats! I'll definately be back for another race at Addison.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Chequame-crash out

11th Place... My excuse... the "random tandem" crashed me out in the neutral roll-out. I raced like a mad dog to get all the way back into the top ten. It was a good workout.

The start/roll-out is an absolute hazard. 2000 people all cramming to get to the front. After getting crashed out of contention for two years in a row, I'm officially done with this race. Every year there's 1 or 2 major crashes at the start. They're not little bobbles into the soft grass either. It's head over heels doing 25 mph into the pavement. Not sure how the problem gets solved, but I guess ignoring it has been working for the last 10 years.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Stoney XC

Thanks to the guys who came out and hung tough in the rain. Perfect prep for the next leg of the tripple crown... THE CHEQUAMEGON!

Results below:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shenandoah 100 Report

This has to be one of my favorite race courses in the country. It has it all. Knarley decents and killer climbs. The race went pretty well for me. I stayed with the leaders (Eatough, Schalk, Koerber, and Beck) after the first climb and downhill. Then about halfway up the 2nd climb, Chris Beck slowly pulled away from me. He was about 20 seconds up on me at the top and I thought for sure I could bridge on the decent. That was when the first flat happened. Dang! 5 or 6 guys passed. I chased on the decent and caught fellow Michigander Greg Kuhn. We road together all the way to the next big climb. We slowly brought back 3 guys on the climb which put us 6th and 7th. I pushed pretty hard on the climb and Greg lost contact, but came flying back at the bottom of the decent. We continued together on the pavement and up to the next climb. I pushed hard and kept it in the middle ring the whole way up and Greg again lost contact. After a quick decent...sure enough, Greg bridged back up. We continued to work together all the way to the "sole crusher." I distanced myself from Greg by the time I got to the top. At that point I was pretty sure it was going to be 6th place for me as 5th was over 10 minutes up. I continued to push all the way up and over the last climb. Then... dun dun dun. I got another flat. This time it was the front. I had an extra tube, but not enough air to fill the tire. That's when Greg came rolling up and saved the day. He gave me a C02 and I was back in business. We rode to the finish together and crossed the line 6th and 7th.

I was happy with 6th. I matched my time from last year with 2 flats, so that's a good sign things are going well. I also managed to finish without going into the bonk zone. I finally think I have my nutrition plan figured out for these 100 milers. I was really proud of Greg Kuhn (my training partner) for having such a good race and a big THANKS goes out to him for hooking me up with the C02 at the end. Next up is the Chequamegon. I've got two weeks to prepare. I should be fine if I can survive the insane rollout and avoid mechanicals.