Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stoney 12 Hr

It all started out as a bright idea my training buddy Robert Herriman and I had. We figured we had a chance to top our one day mileage records in the Stoney Creek 12hr MTB race. His was 150 miles and mine was 140 miles. Besides that, it would be great to use as preperation for the upcoming back to back NUE events in June. The weather forecast looked beautiful, and Fun Promotions put together a really cool 11.5 mile course with 1000ft of climbing per lap! Fellow 29er crewer Tim Finkel also decided to join in the fun. He motivated me to work hard all the way to the finish.

A quick riders meeting and we were off. We were supposed to wait for the teams to start first, then the solo riders would go. Robert had his I-Pod turned up too loud and missed most of the meeting. He took off with the teams, so me and Tim just followed. I don't think it really made much difference in the end though. The course was fast and fun. We rode together for the first couple laps, then Tim and Robert decided to drop back and let me continue to cook myself. I wanted to ride at a 100 miler pace, then just hope to survive in the end. Throughout the day, people sort of visited me during my ride. First it was Cruise Bogedin, then my home boy Jeff Tewks hung out for a lap. On lap 13 I even got a chance to do half a lap with my coach Art
The first 100 miles went pretty quick and smooth. After that I began to struggle a bit. One minute I'd feel fine, then the next minute I'd feel aweful. I think it was my blood sugar dipping up and down as I sucked upwards of 30 ounces of Carb Pro and NUUN per lap. It was nausiating at times, but I knew I had to keep getting it down to survive. I started the last lap and decided to give it my all. Surprisingly I found some reserves left in the tank and was able to take my pace up a notch. I coasted in for the win with 14 laps and 161 miles in just under 12hrs. I was never so happy to be done with a race. I was very pleased with my performance. I never stopped for more than a minute and most of my laps times were pretty consistant. This will set me up well for the next stop on the NUE calendar... Mohican 100.