Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Update - 2011

Well, hope everyone had a happy new year and is ready to start working hard towards the 2011 race season! Every year I think back to the long winter rides we do and I always wonder how the hell we pull it off. 10 degree's, snow, ice, wind, it sounds awful. But there's something about it that makes training outside through the winter so peaceful, maybe even enjoyable. I always love the little battles with mother nature. Seems I've always got a little trick up my sleeve to offset what she's got planned for the weekend to thwart my training... even if it requires a little duck tape and a late night.

If you haven't heard yet, I'm changing up the sponsors just a little bit this yr. Instead of the Trek 29er Crew, the primary sponsor will be Rochester Bike Shop. They're located in downtown Rochester MI. Check them out! However I'll still be flying the Trek 29er colors, most likely on their super sweet superfly hardtail. Notubes is also back on board taking care of my wheels/sealant/tire needs. Thanks guys, the support goes a long way in this day and age!

And who couldn't forget ol' Coach Art. He's still working with me for 2011 as well. Now that football season is almost over, I'm sure he's glad he won't be recieving anymore belligerent phone calls... well maybe one more if Green Bay ends up winning. Bahh! The training has been going along steady and I'm keeping up with my routine. I should be ready to rip come spring time.

Well thats it for now. For those of you braving the elements, try to keep the rubber side down and most importantly KEEP THE HARD WORK UP! It'll pay off in the spring, I promise.

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David Moore Jr. said...

Those things you refer to as "elements", they strengthen the heart, quicken the legs and cleanse the soul. Is there is any other choice?