Monday, November 9, 2009

That's A Wrap

Well... Iceman didn't quite go as planned. I put a lot into the preperation and I felt ready. I had good legs and I even got off the front in the first section of singletrack. Then to my demise I was burried too deep going into Tornado Alley and watched the front group of 6 roll away into the distance. I should have known better than to be so far back. I put in a pretty hard chase for a few minutes, then pulled the plug. Mentally defeated I rolled along just barely pushing the pedals till I pulled off the course at Williamsburg Rd. In a split second I went from thinking about where I was going to put in an attack to thinking, oh crap my race is over. Looking back, I should have pressed on, but the truth is I expected to be in that front group and anything less was a huge disappointment and embassment for me. It was one of those all or nothing races. I didn't even carry a tube with me.

Ahhh well. It's time to kik back and relax for a while. I have a big year planned for 2010 and much more hard work and preperation ahead of me. I'll certainly be fired up and motivated come April. You can't win em all, but you can always give your best.


WillyB said...

My race ended 200 yards after the start in a pileup. Nice way to end the year! Pretty sure half the pro field rode over me. Not sure who caused it still but doesn't really matter. Great effort and on to 2010!!

simonster said...

Yeah, that really sux about the pile-up at the start. You're right, at least I had a good fair crack at it. I'm sorry for all those who crashed in that start line mess.