Thursday, February 5, 2009


This out of Michael Barrys diary posted on Velonews about Tour of Qatar. I couldn't describe a Chequamegon start any better.

"The race begins before it starts. To ensure we are well positioned for a furious race into a blowing wind, we line up 20 minutes before the start to get a good spot on the grid. Even though the race doesn’t officially start until we reach the zero-kilometer banner on the outskirts of town the peloton pushes and shoves behind the commissaires’ cars — which regulate the speed — for the best spots at the front. The panic borders on ridiculous; with 140 kilometers to go, and the race not yet officially started, we push each other for position as though we are in the last kilometers. "

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Quiring MTB Team said...

Oh hellz yes it is Chequamegon start.